How Do You Explain That You Are Not Happy?

You feel unhappy? You feel a lack of good feelings? Maybe the solution is that you already got what you need.

I know perfectly that happiness is hard to find. Sometimes your life looks like a storm of bad feelings. And you think again and again about those memories, those where you were sad, those where you were happy but that you will never be able to live again.

Because that is why we are humans :

We are feelings.

We are emotions.

We are images.

We are hopes.

We are dreams.

We are love.

We are so much more than sadness or lack.

Be simply everything you need in this life.

Take a look around. Maybe, yes he left you, but maybe your family supports you, or you have amazing friends. Maybe he left you to give a chance to the universe to offer you something better.

Take your dog for a walk, put your headphones and look at the sky. Life can be truly amazing if know how to appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to be someone, to be you. Don’t be afraid to forgive, to make mistakes. It is normal because we all do.

The more important is to forgive ourselves for what we are not and believe in who we are. 

The picture is from @giancescon

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