Why Do People Fall Secretly In Love With You?

You see by your eyes, but how do the others see you?

We are all in doubt, searching for answers. Who am I ? Where am I going?  Only you can answer those questions. But did you ever asked yourself why do this person with who you’ve never talk fell in love with you?

I think I can have some answers to it. I am not a professional, no. But I am a human just like you who are trying to analyze her experience and share it.

Here is my experience :

You are this person who talks, laughs and smiles because you are truly yourself. Even if you are shy, even if you are not confident. The others see you as you are, you cannot be invisible to people even if you wish to. While you are speaking maybe your eyes are sparkling. Maybe your voice sounds like a melody for an ear who is unknown to you. Because when you live, when you accept to live, they can discover you as you discover yourself at the same time.

This boy who is walking in the same hall every day, see your face when you look at things. See your hair flowing on your shoulders. You look like a queen for him and he didn’t even meet you yet.

We attract as the way we are, it could be things, people, situations… But we do. We are emotional magnets.

So my dear, when you don’t dare to be, because you might be afraid, be the best version of yourself, be free. You might attract the love of your life, the one who will love every inch of your beautiful true-self.

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One thought on “Why Do People Fall Secretly In Love With You?

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