Why You Need To Write True Letters

I will explain why it is so important to write letters you will never dare to send. 

Words are significant, they translate what we feel deeply in our hearts. They serve us to talk, write, sing, speak, think… To put words on paper can free your mind. Release you from the weight you’ve been wearing for too long. 

I am sure, that you have just like me regretted messages you’ve never sent. But you need it, you’ve imagined yourself telling something to someone special so many times in your head. But you’ve never dared to it.

What if you was able in some way ? 

Take a piece of paper, take a pen and begin to write. 

Write like if you was writing a real letter. Because you do, it is special to you. It matters. Tell everythink you always dreamed to say to this person, everythink you wished to realize with her. Everythink you wanted to forgive to move on. 

Today is a chance. 

Writing is a beautiful way to make peace with yourself and this person, and maybe you don’t know, maybe one day, you will dare to say all of this to this unique person. 

The picture is from @dhudson_creative


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