What If There Were No More Words To Say?

I wonder in my deep self:

There will always have something to write in the world. So many words so many thoughts in our head, so many feelings in our heart.

I’ve already questioned myself: what if every subject, every topic has been addressed? If we would have nothing more to say? What if we were not able anymore to write what we need to say on paper?

Each writer has his own word, in own landscape, his own way to see simple and giant things?
There are more than 8 billion of humans on earth. 8 billion of minds, of spirits who have something to say. How many of them write their feelings ? So many writers parmi those 8 billion. So many souls who love to take a pen and touch paper in their hands

But I think as well that someone who wish and need so badly to write his thoughts, someone who is dreaming of adventure in his mind cannot abandon that easily. Even if there is nothing more to say.

He can tell a story who already exist in a different way, in his way or he can mix multiple stories.

This is is why, even if I wonder, I honestly think that because of the limitless thoughts we have, we can always break the limits. Be limitless in words, sentences, feelings and images.

A text written is not just a text : it is a piece of a soul, a gift from the universe to us.

The picture is from @michaelbaccin


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