Your Best Friend Is Precious

You need to take care of your best friend. Know why? 

Each of us surely has a best friend. Someone with whom goes out and share your secret. A person who makes you laugh until you can not get up. Maybe you met her  in a cafe, at school, at college, at work, at an event…

You have memories in common, different points of view. That is precious. You lived the same moment together, you can talk about it, discuss it. 

Your best friend saw you in your worst way. When you went out with the bad guy or when you was depressed. When you was in pyjamas watching Netflix and eating chocolate. Maybe she sat next to you and she watched Netflix with you ? Like this, you weren’t alone.

Even when you wasn’t confident, she encouraged you. She pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Of course, you had disputes, that is normal, you have your opinion and she has hers. 

She is the person who watched you grow up, evolve, in a good or bad way. She is the person who is sincere with you, who wants the best for you because she probably thinks ” What the hell i am gonna do whitout her ?”. And you think it too.

She accept your weirdness, the amazing ideas you have and you abandon two weeks later. She is the one with whom you can do crazy things. And she will keep the secret because she is as crazy as you are. 

One advice, even if you are not all the time okay with her actions or talking, accept her like she accepts you. You will never find, someone who perfectly agree with you on everything. If you love her qualities accept them with their faults.

Don’t talk bad in her back, compliment this wonderful heart sister in front of her and when she is not there. Compliment the things you like : “I love you new hair style, i love you dress !” She will give it back to you, will see how much you care about her and will appreciate it. 

I have an example : one day i had an argument with my mother. I left the house then i called my best friend, i had no place to sleep. It was alreday dark outside. I was sad and afraid. She immediately called her boyfriend for him to host me in his house. And i slept in it. She trusted me and everything’s been arranged. Your best friend if it is a true one will never let you down.

Your best friend is an other you, she cares about you and you care about her. If she really matters, no matters the distance, no matter the situation, never let her go. 

The picture is from @noemiphotography

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