Live The Present Moment

I’ve learned one thing in my life, I still learn it every single day. 

We spend all the time to think about how to build our perfect future, or how we lost the past. It is tragic, I do that mistake too, like all my friends, like each member of my family, like all the people I know. I am not confident about my future if I am able to reach what I want. 

What do I really want? What do I really wish? I took the time to define it and I am still searching. But I know what I DON’T want in my life. In my personal opinion: I don’t want to spend my time in things that I am not passionate about. I don’t want to live with regrets. You can hear this sentence everywhere but it is because she is entirely true. Regrets are the worst in life, I think.

I am not the best for giving a bit of advice but i speak with my own experience, with my own true and in this point of view, we all have to learn from others.

I have a little exercise for you:

Take a time, take a breath and close your eyes. ( read this exercise before to do it 😀 ) Put yourself in a calm and peaceful state of mind. Take a time to listen to yourself.

What do like to do ? What do you enjoy ? What makes you sincerely happy on this earth ? Imagine this situation, feel the sensation. What would happen if you can live of it ? What would happen if it worked? Question yourself. 

It is your life, you need to live essentially for you first, then for people around you, about whom your care. Because if you are happy they will feel better too. That it is how it works. Maybe not immediately, but for sure it has an impact. Your hapiness has an impact on people, you may be their inspiration even if they don’t tell it. 

When you know what would really makes you happy in this life, when this time will came, when you’ll truly understand yourself. Stop to care TOO MUCH about your past. Of course, we all have scars that we will never forget, we all have bad and sad memories. But your past should not break your future. Know what ? Your futur is building now.

You should enjoy every moments that you live now, it is your gift. It is your futur past, make sur you like it, make sur you will enjoy the futur too. Do the things you have to do now ! Call all the people you should had call a long time ago, simply do it. Life it too short for not doing or meet people we love.

Because my dear, everything start by enjoying and living your present. 

The picture is from @edwardutra

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