How To Be Productive With The (Almost) Perfect To-Do List?

We all want to be productive but Sometimes we prefer to stay on the couch watching Netflix. So how can you progress?

Here are my answers, they might not be perfect but for sure they will help you :

Make a to-do list

If you want to be efficient you need to put all your future actions on paper, you need to free your mind. This is an obligation. You asked me how to be productive so you have to follow the rules! Put the tasks who need to be done on paper, which makes you realize what you have to do, the quantity of it. It makes you more calm and peaceful. You don’t have to stress and to keep all of it in your head, just take this piece of paper with you.

So go do it now!


There are some ways in how you can prioritize, can either cut the tasks in four boxes: Urgent and Important; Important Not urgent; Not important Urgent; Not important Not urgent.

I will show you more examples below among the to-do list examples.

Examples of efficient to-do lists :


Or highlighters :

The last one, one of my favorite :

Take actions

Now that you had to write your perfect to-do list, make actions! You need to do it, no one is gonna make it for you. This is your last step for a more productive life.

When you have something to do, build the reflex to do it immediately, like this your brain will learn to be more efficient.

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