It’s 2019, Be Your Best-Self

It is official now, we are in 2019

This year, I will give you my best pieces of advice.

Do your best

In 2019, be your best self, not only the first month but all the year. Try Everyday to see how can you improve yourself, or improve your life. It can be small changes to lead to bigger ones. Maybe if you aspire to be an entrepreneur, start by search pieces of information on it. Read Everyday day a chapter on how to organize a business. One day you will say “I am ready !” or “No, I understand that it is not for me”.

Search how you can work on yourself. If you are usually late, begin to work on that or on Something else. It might look like a little thing, but it will be appreciated first by your friends, your entourage then in your work.

women's gray crew neck shirt
Photo by Ieva Vizule on Unsplash

Take care of yourself

Even if you might want to progress, you need to understand that you are not perfect. No one does. Even if you try your best every day and put everything you can in your work to reach your goals. First, that is amazing but you need breaks sometimes.

Give yourself time to be imperfect, to be a complete human because you are not a robot. You need to allow you to be lazy. Once a week, give yourself time to watch Netflix on the couch with a hamburger or hanging with your friends, laughing in front of cats’ videos, or just taking a snap, go to the spa, take vacancies, see your family…

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Let your creativity grow

Your human mind is limitless, let it free. Everyone has their own talent, I personally love to write, to sing, to dance. That, of course, makes me happy. It can even happen to me to draw but it is rare. Sometimes I enjoy to do creative things even on the computer, making short films, YouTube videos (that I will never show :), acting, singing, playing guitar.

So find time for it! It is very important for us to blossom in a creative way. Without letting express our deep self we can lose it and feel depressed. Be your best friend and listen to yourself, if suddenly you need to write something, write it!

selective focus photography of boy holding gray Minolta bridge camera
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Be active

Fatigue attracts fatigue. If are used to do nothing and you keep asking why you are so lazy, Don’t search more, you just found your answer. Your body needs to work as much as your brain needs to paint or sing. We weren’t born to stay on a couch all day, we were build to be active. Move your body, energize it, you can begin by taking a walk, twenty minutes in your area, you can meet people. Take your dog with you if you have one, of course, he will be really happy. If you want to go further begin a sport that you will enjoy to do, not a membership that will let down after two months.

Go climbing, ride a bike, ride a horse, ice skating, running, to the trampoline park, everything that can move your body in the week.

You need to move your body actively minimum 30 min by day, for example, it could be a speed walk.

woman riding a blue surfboard in a body of water
Photo by Chris Osmond on Unsplash

Be surrounded

You are human, that it is why you need to have a social life, yes I said it. No Netflix doesn’t count, sorry, your phone too. You need to meet real people in real life. I know that you don’t want to go out, but sometimes you really, really need to stay out of your comfort zone, that is how we build a life. I am sure you don’t wish to pass next to it.

Take chances who knock on your door. There are every week small chances: this friend whom you said “No” when he asked you to come with him to a cafe, you might miss a chance to learn something that day or to meet someone. You might find a job opportunity at this cafe or just one hour of laughing with your friend. Social life is really important, without it, we can feel a little bit depressed and tired all the time. It is not good.

If you want to reach your goals, you might be sure to have contact with people who has a good influence on you and support yourself when you need it. In the morning before to go work, send a small message to an old friend you really appreciate but you didn’t saw for quite a while. He might be happy to hear news from you!

two women hands on their back while raising their hands facing Empire State building
Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

You are what you eat

Yes, this exactly sounds how it was supposed to. You need to treat your body right. If you wonder why do you feel always tired and you eat fast food all the time. Don’t search for any more answers. Your body will return what you give to him. You need to treat your body with respect and show that you care about him. Drink some water, eat fruits, vegetables. You do not need to eat what you don’t like if you like apples eat apples. If you like tomatoes eat a tomato ! Give him what he needs to be his best self

flat lay photography of fruits on plate
Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

Build habits

A habit makes usually 4 weeks to be built. I recommend you to choose healthy habits. Ask yourself how can you improve your everyday life? Is turning off your phone at 10pm would help you? Would wake up at 6am help you too? Would take a walk every day make you feel better ? Or instead past 20 minutes every night on Instagram before to sleep read a book would be better? You need to think about how you can change your life for the better. Which small changes you can make your life easier.

In my opinion, this is the best pieces of advice I can give to you for this new year. Don’t wait another day, month or year to improve yourself, you want to be happy now. I know it because everyone does.

So make it happen!

Photo by Neringa Šidlauskaitė on Unsplash

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