Be Proud Of Yourself

I know it is really hard sometimes, you have these moments in your life when you doubt about everything especially you. Your fears are feed by your mind. We all have failures in our lives. You are not alone. This is important for you to understand, that life is not a simple straight line, there will be moments of pure happiness and some more difficult. If you are in a bad period, you need to know that it is just a piece of the time that you have on this earth, that after this storm the sun will appear.

You must certainly have a lack of confidence, you think that you don’t do things as good as the others. Let me tell you something: Almost everyone feels the same. Is that mean that no one does things correctly? All these singers, writers, actors seems confident, so they do it great only because they are confident? No, they are nervous too, they are simply humans too. But do you know why they look so great in what they do? Because they Believe in it. Even if they might be afraid and question themselves, they listen to what their heart is saying to them. They loved acting, perfect! Even if it was hard to pursue, they did it. And I think that even with all our fears we are wonderful and amazing in what we are passionate about.

Here is my advice, if you did something and you feel proud about it or you want to feel proud but you don’t dare. Don’t hide your feelings, you have the right to be satisfied with who you are and what you accomplished. Even if it is something that seems simple to you, every action in time builds our world, you participate in it. Don’t let anyone say to you that you are arrogant or egocentric, because it is one of the better feelings, to let your mind feel the good that you did in your life and to be proud of it. I believe that we are beautiful when assuming the person we are and that this is how we find true happiness.

I will let you with some pictures of happy people because they let their true-self be real for them and everyone :

(You can see their name by passing your mouse on their pictures)

I sincerely invite you to look at the story of these people, of course, it is just a few who are my inspiration, but I share it with you to illustrate my words. I think that they all have in common that they never let go of the fire in their soul, they just followed it. When they were alone, they were listening to it, no matter the difficulties. Of course, life is not easy and I might be wrong but I really believe in the love that we can put in ourselves while caring about others too.

Wear your differences with courage and go show who you are, you are you, you are unique, you have something to bring, you might be an inspiration for the others without knowing it. You have the right to say: “What I did was fabulous, it was amazing, I can’t believe it did that! ”

Finally, if you like to make-up, to dance, to paint, to draw, to sing, to build, to speak, to write, to look a the sky, to study, to travel… Do it and I am sure that good things will come, we only have one life on this planet and I want to make sure to follow what I really like in mine.

(If you saw a mistake in my text, you can write a comment to inform me)

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