What If Your Life Was A Fiction?

My real name is Sarah and every story begins by “I live in a small town, nothing really happens here”. But, I live in a big town, people are jostling each other in the street, they are many who are waiting for the bus, the one who is always late to come. People don’t really care about each other, too busy by their life, too busy to be busy. And if someone gives you a smile or a look in a day, it is a rare present.

Sometimes when I look at the sky and that I feel the rain on my skin, I ask myself: “Does my life is that boring as I think it is? “Does my life can be passionate as I dream it in my head? “

The things are, that, every night I tried to search for the perfect film or Tv show to watch, I am trying to make my daily life more attractive, for me and for the people around me, so I watch what I want to watch then I talk about it. But when I do this, I put all my heart into the work of someone’s else imagination. Because this story I am watching is from the creativity of an artist, a scriptwriter… If this person is capable to make me feel like this, by creating her story and by me watching it. Is that mean that I can create my perfect story too? Am I able to do that? priscilla-du-preez-1417002-unsplash

I am telling myself, I just realize that, if I am able to feel these emotions while I am watching a film, it is because these emotions are real, that I can find them somewhere on earth. But instead, to search to live it, I’m sitting on a chair into the cinema to watch someone’s else story, movie characters who feel what I WANT TO FEEL SO BADLY IN MY LIFE. I am not saying that watching TV or going to the cinema is bad, not at all, it is a beautiful way to travel and to enrich your mind just as reading but I am saying that you have to create your own show.

Your life is a giant show and you are the hero, each person is the hero of her own story, go into the forest, dance under the stars, don’t be afraid to be strange! That is why people go to the cinema, everyone is always trying to be as normal as possible that they forgot they are human, they forgot they are creativity! They search for that unusual daily life into fiction, but you can recreate what you feel in front of a screen into your own way. If these feelings exist, it is because they need to be lived in a unique way by each human on this earth.


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