I Have A Request For You My Friend

Today, I will ask you one thing, a thing about you. 

As you might know, I created this blog, for you and me. I wanted a place where I’ll be free to write what I hide in my heart. I wanted people to recognize themselves and to help them in my way.

Now I would like to ask one thing, it is to share with me your experience. I will ask you to send me by e-mail, one of the most beautiful thing who helped you and led you to a better you. It could be a memory, a passion, a person, an animal, a place…

What helped you to focus on a better view of this life?

You can contact me by the contact page or by e-mail: sarah181972@hotmail.com

Thank you for your time, I will be happy to read your message, and glad to post your story on my blog ( with your name on it or not, it is your choice)

If you don’t wish to post, I will ask you to share this special page of my site on social media, for me to have a maximum of answers. I wish we can create a space where people can help each other, feel better and be able to share their feelings and words.

Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash



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