My Gift For You : The Happiness Challenge

I have a gift for you

Yes, I am honest, I have like a free gift for you, no it is not again someone who is trying to sell you something. I promise that it is for real. What is it? The happiness Challenge. I created it just for you. You can download it here :

happiness challenge

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You can take a look at the article How do you explain that you are not happy ?

Why I do this for you?

It is simple, I am constantly searching a way to feel better, just like you. I am here to share, my feelings, my knowledge to build a Community. My goal is to reach people with my words and help them to feel better. Yes my dream is to be a writer and this is why I love Self-love Romance, here I can truly be myself. I wish you would try the challenge and if you like it, leave me a comment or a message, I would be glad to answer you!

How to use it?

It is really simple, the challenge lasts one month (30 days), you can begin it when you want. You Don’t have to wait until the 1st of the next month, Don’t make excuses! Each day you have a little task to accomplish, this will help you to realize that even if life is not a straight line, there is always a way to feel good or at least better.

If you cannot do one of the tasks, simply switch it or replace it with something else. But I recommend you to follow it, you will be so proud at the end of the challenge.

You can already be proud of yourself right now, take a minute to think about what you’ve accomplished. You are amazing!

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