I Traveled Into Five Countries With The Bus


How I came to this point?

As long as I can remember, I always traveled with my parents. My mom is Bulgarian, my dad is French. We live together in France, but each year, when the summer came we went to Bulgaria. I grow up with that state of mind, that my origins were really important, that it is a richness that I have, that we all have.

I remember to be afraid of the plane, my mom taking my hand into hers. Telling me sweet words and how much the word is beautiful through the plane’s window. I was really scared but then I observed the amazing lines in the sky, the mountains, the forest, the houses, the cars, the clouds and I felt grateful to see this.

Nevertheless, when the plane landed, I always thought: “ I did it, now it is the beginning of an incredible journey.” I grew up while learning that adventure is a thing to try, that regrets are worse than mistakes and “never did things”.


What I Always found into traveling?

You will surely ask: “What does she found so miraculous into traveling in Bulgaria ?” And you are right to aks, and I think you have the right to know. All my life I was asked these questions, “Why do you go there? Is it poor? You don’t have hot water and it is a little town so why do you go? Why do you think it is that amazing ?” javier-allegue-barros-493611-unsplash

I will explain myself because if I can inspire you or someone else to take their chance I would be really happy. The town where I go to is a really little town, near to Sofia. There I have my mom’s family, my grandparents, my uncle, my aunt, my cousins, my friends. My friends are a big part of this story. The most beautiful part of this story is this, I always slept into my grandmother’s house, she is not the most luxurious one, but it is big and I like it.

She has a balcony and my friend has a balcony too. So when I go out on mine, I call my friend by her name and she goes out and we are face to face. That is amazing.

There is another friend, a boy who lives in a house on the same street and we used to play together three of us all day. Watching films, when it was too hot, sometimes playing football. At night we used to play outside to midnight, laughing, running, laying on the floor and watching the stars.

That is my heaven.


My first time with the car

The first time I didn’t take the plane but the car to go to Bulgaria was at my seventeen. My parents’ budget was lower, so we tried carpooling. We were lucky, we traveled with a man who was really kind and had a really good car.

We went by Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. It was a really nice journey.  I found this really cool, then the next year I went back to Bulgaria the same way.

But this time it was a different person and the travel didn’t end in a good way. So be careful, never travel alone this way. The bus is different, it is more serious and there are people around you, this is what I will explain now.


My first time alone with the bus

The last time I went in Bulgaria it was In December 2018 I took the plane, but then because I still really afraid of it ( I took it more than 30 times in my life, and yes I am still afraid, but don’t stress it was all good), to back in France, this time I took the bus. It was a little bit different than what I was used to before.

First I was all by myself, then there was a lot of people inside. I really really liked it, yes you heard it. I love car travels when my dad drives me somewhere, This time in the bus I was able to listen to my music and to watch the landscapes by the window. I had time to read books, to think, to dream. And I felt like an adventuress, it was an incredible feeling of freedom, I was free, I was doing this by my own, for me, it was my memories and my courage.

We crossed Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and France. When I finally get home I thought ‘ I did it” then I said it at loud and I was proud. I was filled with all these beautiful images of what I lived this amazing month.


What I learned and what i want to tell you

My best advice is to do what you feel with your heart, I know it sounds like a beautiful quote that you can find everywhere on the internet; but it is a sincere message to you. My heart always told me to go there in the summer and not elsewhere. So I did and I never regretted it.  All my family in France doesn’t like my Bulgarian side, I think they are kinda like “jealous” I prefer to go there. And they always tried to tell me I have to stay in France, but I never listen to them because I know my own true.

My reality is mine, it is not theirs. If your intuition tells you to do something, please do it. You have to try. You have and must believe in yourself. Even if no one does, sometimes the most important person who has to trust you is YOU.


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