How to Be Unapologetically You, Flaws and All

You are you, that is evidence, so why are you constantly searching to be someone else? Don’t you see that you worth it? Every day you discover beautiful and bad sides of people around you, but that means equally that you have the beautiful sides you admire so much! You don’t even know it, but a lot of people might admire you for little things you didn’t even realize was there. You must be proud of yourself, no matter which size, height, weight, or color of your skin. We are all a part of this beautiful and giant world. You are one of the stars who is completing the sky with her light.


Do you really have to apologize to be you?


Why would you apologize? Ask yourself if you have to be sorry to be yourself more than someone else? Is it necessary? The answer is: NO. You have all the right to exist. You are wonderful and you don’t even know this. Do you want to know my opinion? It is easier to criticize someone because that person is confident than being confident oneself. I’ve had some experiences with this before. You see a random person in the street, but she is not like everyone, she got something that you recognize quickly: she is bright, that person is confident, she feels beautiful, amazing and she shows it. Maybe not on purpose but nevertheless this confidence shines all around her and even touches people near her. When you see this, you have two solutions:

One, you think “Oh no, I don’t like her/him, she/he is superficial.”

If you think like this, take time to ask yourself if you feel like that because this person is disrespectful or because you don’t allow yourself to shine too.

Two: you let that light comes to you. (I think it is the better one).

Everyone is dealing with the same problem, they have flaws, is it a surprise? Of course, they will not tell theirs, they will show their assets.  And you, you are in doubt because you see the beauty in others and just your flaws. The truth is that you are human just like them, don’t let anyone push you down because of who you are but dare to shine just like to diamond does. 


My principle flaw


I know you think that your flaws are terrible, but my sweet sweet reader, do you know my principal flaw? I have panic attacks, yes you heard it, I have panic attacks all the time. I first started this blog because I felt alone and I had so many emotions that I needed to share them, I cannot keep them all in my heart, they wanted to see the world, they wanted to be read by other people, by you. Your feelings are your motivation in life, your engine. They push you to be your best or worst self. So, yes, I am what it is called a very anxious person, but do I want this to control my life? No. And you don’t want it too.

Do you know where I am writing right now? From the bus who is driving me from France to Bulgaria. I travel alone, yes, I feel a little bit stressed, but at the same time, I am excited, because I am proud of myself and because it is a fabulous adventure. Isn’t that strange? To be scared and thirsty to live at the same time? I have to live every day with a constant fear in my head and in my body although, here I am, writing while I am hearing the rain’s drops on the bus windows, crossing the forest. A lot of people asked me how difficult it is to have panic attacks all the time, yes, it is difficult. However, I accepted myself like this, I know that this is a part of me, of my story because my mind learned to react like this to the stress. I learned to love myself with my flaws, it doesn’t define who I am, and I don’t let it tame me or my decisions, but I can now live with it in peace.

This is like an open letter from me to you, I am honest and sincere when I write this because if I can help you it means a lot for me.

You can be whatever you want to be in this life, you will truly live when you will understand that it is you who run the game, you are the hero of your own story. You might think that you cannot find good friends because you love to dance or to dye your hair half blue and half purple, no it is your true beauty. As I am talking of dying hair take a look at the amazing oVertone products, they have a giant community who shares their photos on their Instagram. This brand uses self-love and self-care to make its customers feel amazing. Their products are natural and are for all hair types.



You are perfectly unique; we are lucky because we live in a time when the difference is better accepted and know what? Everyone is different, but everyone is faking to be the same, what a loss. Be the person that we admire because she dares to wear, to like, to talk, to love what she wants.

 If you need help, if you are a victim of bullying don’t be scared, I’ve passed this too, it is just a period, it is just school! The very important part is you, the way you see yourself and the way you take care of yourself, then you will be able to help others if you wish it. You don’t trust me? Want an example?

Take a look at Billi Eilish, she is the perfect example: she is beautiful, strong and creatively herself. The world loves her for that and not for being like everyone. She is now an inspiration for a lot of fans.

If you need to talk to me about a difficult situation of harassment at school you can still send me a message, I would be very happy to help you. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to talk to adults around you.

Finally, I will finish by a simple sentence, I will ask you to think deeply and carefully about your assets, because trust me you have a lot of them and you don’t even know yet how wonderful you are.    

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