I Gave Free Hugs For 2 Days And This What I Learned

How did that happen?

Some weeks ago, there was a huge geek convention in my town. I had no money to go there so my friends invited me to sell some t-shirts with them. It was kind from them, I truly appreciated it. So, I took the chance and said yes! The convention lasted 2 days. I had to be there from 8 am to 7 pm. In the beginning, I thought that I will be bored, maybe the first hours, but then I started to walk and to watch the other stands. We were six, so there was always time for our team to take a break. I saw the beautiful energy of the event. 90 % of the visitors were disguised, it was awesome to see. I met some persons who were holding a “free hugs” sign, I asked them for a hug, they were really glad. I came back to my clothing standee and decided to draw a “free hugs” sign too.

What happened next?

I began to walk with my “free hugs” sign into the halls but only two or three people came to me. I was happy and a little disappointed at the same time. I was glad to have hugs, but I wanted to touch more people. I thought “maybe if I stand at the same place, they will come more easily” So that is exactly what I did. I was standing right next to our stand with my “free hugs sign” in my hands. That’s precisely when things began to change and to become more serious.

People need love

I think that the most needed thing in the world is love, we all miss it or are glad to have it in our life. That is pure energy who feeds our soul. That’s why I had that much success. I will tell you my secret: I was disguised as Lara Croft. People came to me so easily; some were alone some came with their friends. One by one they gave me hugs. I feel like because they were together doing the same thing, they dared to do it. They were cute and lovely moments. Some moms came to me with their child, even boys with their girlfriend, they both gave me hugs without any bad ideas. I was really surprised in a good way! Without exaggerating I think that day I did between fifty to one hundred hugs! 


The next day

The next day, when I came into the convention people started to recognize me in a good way, I was really surprised but happy at the same time. I never imagined touching people that much. In all the convention they started to recognize me! Some of them went many times to see me to have hugs, again and again, friends, moms… I got lucky and I had no disrespectful attitude at all. Each one of them was kind and sweet. That second day I had fake blood all over my face and I was wearing a blue dress, I wanted to be Carrie, but a woman came to me, recognize me and said: “Oh you are Lara Croft on vacation!” I said “Yes! “and laugh. I wrote “Lara Croft free hugs on the sign” and it was really funny to see people’s reactions. Some of them saw me standing all day on my feet, came to me by kindness saying “oh she is alone here!” That made me smile, I was enjoying what I was doing, but they came to help me to feel less alone.

How did I feel?

Hugs are really good for your mental health; it helps to reduce stress and fight depression symptoms. I always was a “hugger”, I love hugs. I have panic attacks sometimes and feel like having hugs help me to improve my life, I am serious, giving and receive sweetness is always good for the spirit and the body. Being closer to people and being sincere about my need for hugs touched them in a way.

At the end of the weekend, two groups of boys came to me, they came three or four times before I left, each of them asking kindly a hug; They were adorable and nice. A lot of them were of my age, I think this why they dared to come. I talked to them a little bit and they said they were hoping to see me the next convention

Honestly, these two days were one of the best experiences of my life.

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